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Nintendo released Wii as a family video game control board in 2006. The emblem ‘Wii’ (pronounced as ‘WE’) is hinting at the collection of players and ‘ii’ after the ‘W’  hints at two people next to each other as assembled players. It has a wireless operation with a remote control that can also spot action three- dimensionally. Wii’s universality is because of the flexible nature of the game interplay through actual physical movement controlled by a wireless system. The players are fully hooked on. It is both amusement and exercise simultaneously. Yet, the absolute potential of the Wii is discovered only when you unlock it. Why do we need to unlock it?  It is only when you unlock, you will be able to play games that are copied and at the same time games can be downloaded to the HD. Unlocking allows you to take full advantage of the Wii.

Before unlocking the Wii, we have to understand the various options available to us. The market suggestions will talk about a modification chip, the ‘twilight’ hack through the ‘Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess’ game, the Secure Digital (SD) memory card, the File Allocation Table (FAT) 16 and the unlocking software guides available to us. We cannot think about using a modification chip to unlock our Wii because if we select one, the repair guarantee will stand cancelled. This is totally uncalled for. We do not require the ‘Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess’ break-in as it involves a tedious procedure of saving the game and then deleting through the Secure Digital memory card and if it is not done correctly, then we may damage the console and we may end up looking at a blank white screen that only an authorised servicing agent of Nintendo will be able to set right. Hence, the best option in the market is to look at the various unlocking software that are being offered as guide packages.

These software packages unlock the Wii without a modification chip, thereby keeping the warranty intact allowing users to play regionally restricted video games. They accommodate even the updated versions of Wii. The main benefit of these packages is that they add many ‘Homebrew’ applications to the Wii enabling you to play downloaded games without modifying them. DVDs can be played on Wii. Games from any region can be played. Music and video facilities like MP3, MP4 and AVI can be used.

Among the several unlocking software packages for Wii, six can be highlighted in terms of their effectiveness, simplicity and affordability.

Console Unlock
Wii Unlocker
Wii Unlock Plus

There is a sixty-day money back guarantee for most of these packages should you be dissatisfied for some reason. These guides are safe to use. Most of them help you with a video guide to help you with a stepwise list of instructions towards unlocking Wii without any problems or hardship. Hence, it is always safer to use any of these software packages to unlock the Wii to find out the real potential by breaking the limits and experiencing a blast.

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