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Welcome to the Official Copy Wii Games guide.

I’m guessing that if you are reading this then you want to know how you can backup Wii games. Well first let me tell you that this process is very easy. All you have to do is have the correct hardware and software combination. Luckily I have provided all the instructions you need.


We are not associated with any recommended software or hardware, we simply use it in the process, therefore we can NOT issue refunds.


STEP ONE: Ripping Wii Games

There are only a handful of DVD drives that are capable of reading a Wii game. It is important that you have the correct drive; otherwise you will not be able to properly rip your game. Actually many optical drives in many common laptops are able to read Wii games. For example if you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro core 2 duo then you should have no issues ripping Wii games. Other common laptops that work right out of the box include HP, Toshiba, Compaq, Dells, and various others. If you find that you lack the correct DVD drive don’t stress! These drives are old, slow and best of all CHEAP!

Here is a recently updated list of CHEAP, Compatible DVD Drives. Prices range from $10-$50! The higher the quality the drive the better results you are going to have.
LG-8164b     LG-8163b
LG-8162b     LG-8161b
Any one of these drives will work. If you are not sure if your drive will work I suggest you first try. If it does not work then proceed to order one of these cheap drives.

Once you have the correct drive it is time to Rip the Wii game. There are various different methods to how to do this. I RECOMMEND using Game Backup System. The video below shows how the whole process works. Keep in mind that from Rip to burn the whole process can take up to 5+ hours.

You can see in the video that this whole process is somewhat painless. You insert your Wii game, and start to rip the contents of the video game. This will create an ISO.

STEP 2: Burning Backup of Wii ISO:

Then you go to the Make Backup Tab in Game Backup System, select the newly created ISO and burn it to a DVD. Very simple.

There you have it give it a try.

1. You must have the proper DVD drive in order to read the Wii GAME
2. You must have the proper software to make a backup of the Disc.


With a enormous list of softwares out there that vow to copy wii games its hard to judge which one to choose. Pretty near all of these applications will require you to break your system open and accomplish a extremely complicated installation of a mod-chip, which defeats the motive of having the game copying program to start out with. Don't stress seeing that I will summarize a system to copy all your wii games without having to hack and mod your wii and further having your warranty safe...

Just the other weekend the one thing which no gamer wishes to happen, happened to me! I had the whole day to myself to enjoy my Wii. Home alone, I had the lights out and the TV volume loud, although just after I put the disc inside the Wii console... zilch.

I remove it from the console, wipe it and try again, but its crippled. A further $50 gone down the toilet and deciding to make the unpleasant decision to dish out more cash for the IDENTICAL game ONE MORE TIME!

If I own it there's no reason to burn money on it one more time, buying the same thing over again. Friends also like to "borrow" games, and when that happens they usually never show back up and if they do more often than not there all scratched up or damaged in one way or another. The keen thing to do is always copy wii games so you can evade all these problems. Every single time I get my hands on a brand new wii game is copy it as to make sure I'll regularly have a backup.

Here is the big hurdle every one has. How do you copy wii games without modding your wii?

Nintendo is regularly performing many things to their disk to create them copy proof, which makes the procedure to copy wii games tougher. Check this out, I've already researched every single software accessible to copy wii games and most all of them bombed my inspection, which is failing to get passed the copy protection Nintendo puts on there disk.

The bottom line is a Wii game is just a everyday disk just like a music CD with info on it.

This data can be cloned. All you require is the right program.
(This is the application I Use...)

How To Copy Wii Games WITHOUT Installing a Mod-Chip...
(and further keeping the warranty safe)

The regular procedure to copy wii games, and getting them to play, is to mod your system. What this will entail is modifying your wii gaming system by splitting it and inserting a new chip. Many people arn't talented to achieve the excessively complicated software installment. If you take measures to take apart your wii, your warranty will not be viable and the gaming console may no longer be operable. I wouldn't perform it in that manner, there is a better method.

I have downloaded all the pieces of copy software available. I've blown way too much time and money online, paying for game copying applications that rarely functions. I was progressively becoming more frustrated. In the end I did find a program package that had everything I was looking for.

Not only is it incredibly simple to utilize (my 8 year old daughter can use it) but it is quick and works every time.

Three weeks after, having cloned my whole set of 49 wii games and more still, I have been able to copy most all my games since having this program.

This is the best engage in it your self application which I've come across to copy wii games WITHOUT having to install a modchip. All you will need is three things, a Wii, computer, and a blank disk and your ready to start backing up games.

Here's the 5 steps you will need to complete to copy your game:

Download and save the application to your computer. Mac or PC, it will not matter with this awesome game copying application. The application is capable of copying games with either platform.

Get your primary Wii game and insert it inside your computer's DVD or CD drive. Once you accomplish that load up the application.

Decide on the drives as well as the locations for saving the files. At this stage the game copying software will continue to read past the copy protection whereas 99% of all copy software just stop and hang. What you will achieve in this step is to copy the data from the original wii game to your hard drive. This takes thirty minutes or so - it's actually a flock of data, but it changes from game to game. You can play video games while it runs automatically by itself.

The next stage after copying all of the data to your hard drive is to insert a blank CD into your DVD or CD drive. Decide on the appropriate drives and file locations, then the program simply copies the wii game to the empty computer disk. In addition, it burns the "hidden data" which permits gaming consoles to recognize it as "original."

All there is left to do now is play your new cloned video game. It'll run properly on your gaming console just like the regular and you will not be able to see or hear the difference when gaming.

Generating Backups Of YOUR Wii Games Is The Sharp Thing To Accomplish...

Video games are costly and keeping up with all the awesome Wii games is a hard hobby. You don't want to have to buy two copies of the exact video game. If we think alike, then you will also prefer older favorite video games. That's why its a smart think to backup all your games.

To download the program, just click on the download link below. You can download it in a flash and have your first game duplicated in 30 minutes from now.

You can now copy Wii games thanks to these instructions. No need to waste a bunch of time on the systems to forcibly enter your gaming console in order to copy your wii games.



Ever since we launched our website on how to download Wii games we have been getting a number of emails asking how you can make copies of video games.  Good question!

So we thought we would make it out "mission" to find out how to copy Wii games along with games for all the other major systems.   You can't just use the same software that you use to burn CDs such as Nero - you need a program that is specifically designed to be able to read video game discs and produce copies on a blank disc.

We're excited about our results!  We found a program that not only lets you copy Wii, XBOX 360 and PS3 games, but it also burns games for just about every other game system imaginable.

Game Backup System is the game copying software that stood out against all the ones we tested.  It is specifically designed for people that want to burn video games and the company has invested a lot of money to develop a program that can make copies of any type of video game.

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