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If you are planning to unlock your Wii then you really need to read this page because this can save you a lot of time and money in the process of unlocking Wii.

Unlocking Wii is awesome and it really makes your Nintendo Wii a great machine which can do a lot more than just playing the Nintendo games. But it’s not easy and you need to know a few things before you make your decision of unlocking your Wii.

When you unlock your Wii, it will truly become a complete home entertainment system. You will be able to do so much more with your machine and you will never have to switch between the DVD player and your Wii again. Let’s just summarize real quick what are the features that you will have access to when you unlock your Wii.

* Backup Games and play backup discs on your Wii.

* Play homebrew games on your Wii

* Play DVDs, mp4 files, avi files and many other video formats.

* Run emulators to play classic games like Contra, Double dragon, duck hunt etc.

* Play games from other regions such as Japan, China.

* Listen to radio, mp3, and even play YouTube videos on your Wii

Now these are just the bullet points, but if you want to read more about the advantages, you can go to the advantages section of our website.

Flying High with your Luigi

So, how do you unlock your Wii?

First of all, the most important thing; YOU DON’T NEED A MODCHIP TO UNLOCK YOUR WII. If you install a mod chip, you void your warranty and that is something that nobody wants. It can be done without a mod chip or a Twilight hack. So make sure you don’t get fooled into soldering a mod chip on your Wii.

But, unlocking Wii is not a simple task. In fact, for a non-techy person it will take a lot of time and research to understand the procedure and do it right. It’s alright if it takes some time, but the problem is, if you don’t do it right, then you might brick (a technical term from breaking) your Wii.

This means your Wii will become useless and when you start it, there will only be a white screen and nothing else.

And if you brick your Wii, you will have to go to Nintendo service station and have them repair it which might take several weeks or even months. So unless you consider yourself a gaming consoles geek, it is highly recommended that you get a guide which will tell you how to do it.
So how do these guides help you?

They will give you exact step by step instructions that will tell you how to unlock your Wii without any hassles. The top guides will also provide you with videos that will make things a lot easier for anyone. The guides will not only save you hours and hours of research but will also make sure that you do it safely and don’t void your warranty.

The guides will also tell you how to backup your Wii games and unlock all the new features of your Wii without any problems.

I have reviewed all the guides that are available on the market. These reviews are based on careful examination of all the guides available and the following factors.

1. The ease of use. How easy are the guides and the videos to follow. The video quality, the simplicity of the guide and whether or not the guide is up to date is considered.
2. The Bonuses that they provide. The Bonuses, even though not necessary, provide good value for money and if you are spending some money, you should try to get the best out of your buck.
3. The Price. Because money is important.
4. The customer service. The guides are so easy to follow, you won’t really need customer support, but in case something goes wrong, you will want some support and that is why this is an important factor to consider.


You might know that your Nintendo Wii can be transformed into an extraordinary multimedia powerhouse. However, a lot of Wii fanciers are left scratching there heads when it comes to unlocking the wii, as they absolutely have no idea how to go about unlocking a Wii console. If you were searching for ways to learn how to unlock Wii then consider yourself lucky as this is exactly what We Are going to tell you today.

Unlock Nintendo WIi

Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest video gaming console on the market. There are hundreds and thousands of Nintendo Wii lovers out there! However, when compared to rival video game consoles, such as The Microsoft Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii lags behind primarily because of the drawbacks such as Wii does not provide the ability to play DVD’s on it ..etc..

You might wonder why on earth you would need to unlock your Nintendo Wii console. That’s the same question that I had in my mind when I heard all the buzz about unlocking Wii and the reason most people would want to unlock Wii in because they want to run homebrew applications and games on their Wii consoles. However, that’s just a added functionality that you get after unlocking Wii besides the ability to play DVD’s and MP3’s, play backup games without worrying about the original disk getting damaged, play different video formats such as AVI, MP4 ..etc.

To be completely honest with you, there is no dearth on information for learning how to unlock wii console. Hundreds of different ways to unlock Wii can be found on different websites and manuals. However, to cut the long story short, those will all give you hundreds of different ways to rip apart your Wii using the most popular way to unlock Nintendo Wii using a MOD chip .. install it on your Wii after opening up the console. The process is pretty technical for the average Wii lover to understand and implement. However, even if its understood correctly and implemented upon, it would lead to the voiding of the manufacturer’s warranty. As you need to open Wii console and make hardware modifications on it. Worst case scenario, your Wii will be rendered un-usable.

Perhaps the safest, best and the easiest way to unlock Wii is to softmod it. This method of unlocking Wii does not require anything hardware modifications to be made and is carried out using a software. Most Wii lovers like this method of unlocking Wii due to the fact that the warranty is not voided and Wii can be unlocked within minutes. This method does not require and technical expertise and is best suited for the occasional gamer and serious Wii fancier alike.



I'm an avid gamer like you and to be honest with you I found out the real power of my wii only when it was unlocked. As a Nintendo Wii owner you would be pretty amazed at all the power that the Wii possesses in spite of being such a small machine. However, if you compare Nintendo Wii to Xbox 360 or PS3 it misses out from being a true multimedia powerhouse. For example, you can’t play dvd on wii or other Homebrew games and applications (of course, unless it's unlocked!)

How to Unlock Wii?

To be fair there is no lack of information on the Internet about unlocking Wii, however, the techniques are so hard and technical that these are best understood by typical basement geeks not by people like you and me. All these methods are-

*Not Easy To Understand
*Requires Installation of Mod Chips (which is illegal)
*Voids the Manufacturer's Warranty

How to Safely Unlock Wii?

I've spent countless hours in search of a way to safely unlock my Wii. After many visits to online gaming forums, I found out a lot of guides informing how to unlock wii, out of the lot only these three guides Wii Unlocker Ultra, Homebrew Installer and Homebreware were found to be of high quality in regards to the ease of use and understanding of the steps mentioned to safely unlock wii. I myself used Wii Unlocker Ultra on my console, Homebrew Installer on my brother's wii and my friend decided to give Homebreware a shot. Since I know these three products thoroughly, I'm going to do a head-to-head comparison so that you may select the best, to safely unlock your wii and unleash its real power by turning it into an entertainment powerhouse!

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